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EmbyGames offers a complete partnership & sponsorship program for any company, youtuber, blogger, instagrammer and web influencer who wants promote itself with us. Have you got a product or a trademark you want to promote on the web in an innovative way and for free? Are you a web professional who wants to increase visibility and the followers amount? EmbyGames is the right place!





It's viral

Viral EmbyGames

EmbyGames is based on the power of social sharing. Submitting a product as Social Game prize means to promote it and to assure its visibility to hundreds of thousands of people on internet. Likewise, submitting your image, page, or youtube channel as Social Game sponsor will mean increasing your notoriety and the number of followers.

Free EmbyGames

It's free

We don't require any kind of fee!

Social EmbyGames

Advertisements on social

Our partners will reach a wide and interesting audience on the main social networks (even whatsapp) simultaneously. Social Games participants will help you in advertising your products and sharing contents with friends and followers.

Direct Advertising EmbyGames

Direct advertising

Promotion is made directly by Social Game participants. Their friends and followers will be more likely to pay attention to contents shared by friends instead of the common paid adv. This is a great plus for our partners for a more effective promotion.





EmbyGames staff will take care of the sponsored Social Games setup, graphic and text contents production. The contents production phase will follow the guidelines provided by our partners. Furthermore, every Social Game will be promoted by our marketing and social PR departments.



If you're interested in a product proposal as Social Game prize, if you want to promote your mark, if you want to increase your visibility or the amount of followers, or if you just want to learn more about our partners program, contact us now filling in the form below and keep in touch with us for a partnership. We're here for you!







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