How it works

Start date and duration

On the top is shown the date and time of Social Game start. It's also indicated the global duration of the Social Game. Before the game start it's possible to get a 5 points bonus just sharing the link on Facebook.


As soon as the Social Game starts, share it immediately on your favourite Social Networks. You'll earn 5 points for each share on Facebook, 1 point for each click received on the shared link on any Social Network and one more point if your friend sings up on EmbyGames. From smarphone you'll be able to share even by Whatsapp. The more clicks you receive, the more points you get. (* earned points could vary depending on limits).

"Reset Timer" button

It's possible to share only 1 time per Social Network, then you have to reset the timer clicking on the blue button. A countdown will start telling how much you left to share again. As soon as you shared click on "Reset Timer".

Win the "Social Game"!

The Social Game winner is who at the end of the game, has got more points then other players. Take always under control the leaderboard and find out if you're the winner. If so, you'll be allowed to purchase the superdiscounted prize!


Fidelity Points and Boosts are two powerful tools to win the Social Games. The Fidelity Points can be gathered for free by performing actions from your personal area. 1 Fidelity Point can be converted in 1 Social Game point. Boosts can be purchased in the Shop and they give some advantages. For instance, the Gold Star allows to get double points received by friends' clicks. In order to receive these bonuses you just have to click on the relative icon.






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